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Welcome to our website. This is the story of us, our company  Rhize Above, and why we love what we do.

Rhize Above was founded by Dan and Lexy in the Fall of 2018, after Dan had finished working on a hemp farm outside of Longmont. He loved growing, and was involved in the commercial growing industry for many years, but wanted a change. After getting the opportunity to spend time outdoors with the lovely ladies of hemp, he realized there was a need for high quality,  pest-free hemp clones and hemp seeds to support the hemp revolution. Lexy had 10 years of experience with accounting and operations, and a family history in farming, so they decided to open a brick and mortar hemp clone store in Colorado. Rhize Above was born!

While Rhize started as a hemp clone store, it has evolved to offer an incredible variety of high quality CBD and hemp products. The ability to support brands that have the same commitment to quality, community and sustainability was simply too good to ignore. We care about what we offer, which is why we only carry products that are made with love and care, 3rd party lab tested, and made with pure, simple ingredients. We try everything we carry ourselves, so you can expect the best of what this industry has to offer. In addition, many of our CBD and Hemp product lines are made and sourced here in Colorado, which gives back to and supports our community. 

The industry is constantly changing, and it's easy to get confused or bombarded with information about CBD and Hemp, much of which is flat out incorrect. We have made it our mission to empower our customers and visitors with the latest information and suggestions about CBD, it's use, and how it may benefit your overall wellness. It may be easy to find CBD, but it is not so easy to find people that really know and care about it - and that's where we "Rhize Above."


Lexy and Dan

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hemp clones colorado, hemp seedlings colorado, hemp starts colorado

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